15 August 2020, Saturday, 22:59
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‘CultProtest’ Musicians: Every Person Responsible

‘CultProtest’ Musicians: Every Person Responsible

Consolidation of the society is needed more than ever.

As Charter97.org reported earlier, the Naka rock band, with the leaders of the DZIECIUKI, Petlya Pristrastiya, RSP and Rostany, recorded a song to Uladzimir Niakliayeu’s poem “YOU”.

The musicians told why they joined this project.

Dzianis Tarasenka from the RSP band believes that the song turned out to be sincere, honest, about really painful things:

- Human harshness can not be justified neither by service, nor by circumstances, nor by orders. Only moral choice characterizes a person. And in our general current situation, this choice is more relevant than ever. And each person is responsible for their choice.

Illia Charepka from the Petlya Pristrastiya band said that the song was an excellent occasion to speak about what is happening in the country:

- It would be strange not to speak in any way, not to express our attitude to what is happening, especially at a time when the consolidation of the society is necessary as never before. Actually, this song is a demonstration of the fact that at the moment people related to creativity, act as a united front.

-I liked everything at once and I immediately agreed, because the song is very good. Did I do something to make it better - let the audience appreciate it. What else to say? Amazing song! - said Aliaksandr Dzianisau from the DZIECIUKI band.

Viktar Rudenka from the Rostany group noted that he was very lucky with Niakliayeu’s lines that he performed in the song:

-They are completely about me, literally. Indeed, “in order not to die,” he sold poetry, and also watched how something that should not be sold was being sold. And in general, everything is exactly the same about the stolen 26 years of my life, in which I planned to be a much bolder artist, a much more ambitious and useful citizen of my Belarus - a completely different me. A song about the years burned in hope and trampled in the mud of hopelessness, a song of despair and anger.

The lead singer of the Naka band Anastasia Shpakouskaya believes that the words of Uladzimir Niakliayeu are now close to every Belarusian.

- I sincerely thank all those people who care, who helped to create this song. I am sincerely grateful to everyone whom it will encourage to come to their senses, and not contribute to meanness and lies.

The video for the song was shot and edited with the assistance of the Godna company, directed by Aliaksandr Dukhan.