15 August 2020, Saturday, 20:21
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Uladzimir Nepomniashchykh: The Tribunal to Determine Lukashenka’s Fate

Uladzimir Nepomniashchykh: The Tribunal to Determine Lukashenka’s Fate
Photo: svaboda.org

He should fly away in his Boeing while he still can.

People who used to belong to different "parties", structures and layers of society see that there is a unique situation in Belarus. Now a common goal unites them, while Lukashenka suddenly faces an even greater danger than those he is used to dealing with.

A well-known opposition activist from Homel, former police officer Uladzimir Nepomniashchykh stated that in the interview with Charter97.org.

- You used to work as a detective in Homel until 1992. Do you meet with your former colleagues? What do they say about the situation in the country?

- Many of my colleagues occupy quite good positions after retirement. They support me but don't express it officially. They take my side. I see their dissatisfaction with the authorities: in terms of politics, they agree with what I told them and explained. Some employees officially presented at the events I held as a candidate of protest. Even the head of one of the departments of the Homel ROVD was there. We shook hands. I believe these people are on our side.

As for today's junior and middle-ranking officers of the Interior Ministry, it's very simple. They do not do typical work. They are literate guys; many of them graduated from the Academy; there are people with higher civic education. They are aware of their direct and non-direct duties. However, they are forced to pursue me or grab me, keep me in the ROVD for 2-4 hours. I see that local police officers, who are always polite with me, are ashamed to do this. They see that it's not normal and Lukashenka is to blame for it.

As for if the riot police, they are boorish people without any feeling of good manners. They come from collective farms, they're stupid people who can thoughtlessly follow orders. I will deal with them as soon as the power changes. Let them know that.

- Do you remember the story of Ihar Vusik, a lieutenant colonel from the Krycheu ROVD who opposed the system? Could such cases happen again?

- It's up to you and me. There are a lot of dissatisfied people in the Interior Ministry. However, only a few of them are ready to revolt openly. But if people take to the Square and stay there for weeks, the law enforcement and military officials will stand by the people.

Only a large number of people on the Square, at least 3-5% of the total population of Belarus, will convince the police and army to take our side. After all, they must know that we won't betray them and won't back down. The law enforcers must be at least 90% sure that we'll stand to the end.

If you were on the Square, you feel a rise in spirit and unity there. This feeling can also come over people in epaulets. That's how we win.

- What other structures, the authorities consider allies, undertake transformations?

- I think it is not necessary to cite specific examples, but I do believe that precinct election commissions hate Lukashenka as well.

The state employees who are forced into there will be just fired or lose their apartments if they do not obey. I must say if they are fired, it will not be for long. Lukashenka will not stay for long. If you are fired because of taking the side of the people, I will be the first to seek your reinstatement and awarding you bonuses, promotion. If you don't take our side, you will lose and regret it.

The best option would be the dismissal of Yermoshyna by Lukashenka, the withdrawal of his candidacy, and the departure of his family while he still can. To Venezuela, Cuba or "fat" North Korea. It would be the best option for him, as well as for the Belarusian people.

- When did the authorities come to that red line when the escape remains the best option?

- You know, it's very hard to tolerate one face on TV screens for 26 years. It would have been better if that face had met his promises. However, he lies all the time. People cannot stand it.

The decrees on "parasites" and the retirement age increase have become the last nail in the coffin. Lukashenka fails to realise that investments in robotics are needed for people to be able to freely engage in art and culture. Instead, he wants people to work like a dog for Br100 per month.

People see that money is spent on ice palaces, harvest festivals, the Slavic Bazaar, 18 residences. Meanwhile, teachers raise money to buy up erasers and pens for pupils. Every half an hour one can see fund raising TV spots for dying children. Isn't it a shame for our state? Lukashenka has no money for parents to treat a child. But he has money for million-dollar toilets...

It's a show-off, and people are sick and tired of it. Even those who used to praise Lukashenka. The main opponents of Lukashenka are those who used to believe him but now they get disappointed. I do not burst with hatred but those he deceived. They will be the most dangerous people for him. I have always known he is dishonest, a liar and a scoundrel, but they all believed him. Can you imagine what they feel now?

I think that those who used to be for him will bring him to an end. It will happen if Lukashenka doesn't resign now. He has enough money. Let him take his family: grandchildren, children, daughters-in-law, he may take even those who pick his watermelons.

- Once you said that the Belarusians need the Square, as in Armenia. Tell us what do you mean?

- Firstly, there should be many people on the Square - five times more than in 2010.

Secondly, we should stay for weeks. It is summer now and an extended protest is easy to organize.

Thirdly: if we stay there for so long, the troops, the police and even the special services will take our side. I do not think that there will be anyone who agrees to go against the people. If there are many of us, no one will dare to do it. If there's one, he'll be crushed by his colleagues.

Anyone can become a Belarusian Pashinyan today. This is a time of heroes. Everyone can become a hero. Everything depends on the mood of the people. An outbreak is about to come and there will be many heroes, even from the law enforcement bodies or the army. There are enough intelligent and decent people in different layers of society and structures.

Belarusian Pashinyan will be the one who will lead the people. It may even be the law enforcers of the third level: colonels, lieutenant colonels; there are many decent and responsible people among them. It doesn't have to be Uladzimir Nepomniashchykh or Mikalai Statkevich. Now history and people are choosing Belarusian Pashinyans.

I bet everything on the people of Belarus. The main thing is to stand up from a sofa, switch off computers and take to the Square. There is no other way for us.

Look, Lukashenka has burst into awarding. What is the reason? To bribe people in public office. These generals don't see that tomorrow they'll lose these awards, epaulettes and will be judged by the people. If the top leadership had had a conscience, they would have ignored Sasha and retain their ranks. Even if they had been dismissed, people would have reinstated them in office. They do not understand that.

If Lukashenka tries to appoint himself at the "election," he will not stay in power anyway. Our economy kisses the bottom, while the country is in debt to the armpit.

The tribunal will determine the fate of Lukashenka. If the tribunal suddenly admits Lukashenka innocent, let him work as a hockey coach. He's good at it. If the tribunal and the people make another decision, it means that it's his fate.