8 August 2020, Saturday, 12:26
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Belshyna Employees Cut Official Trade Union Ideologist Down To Size

Belshyna Employees Cut Official Trade Union Ideologist Down To Size

The authorities are seriously afraid of strikes.

The "Basta!" telegram-channel has published the story of an employee of the Babruisk factory named "Belshyna". It turns out that the authorities are seriously afraid of the strike and send their ideologists to the factories to give a talk.

"I live in Babruisk, work at Belshyna, - one of the employees of the factory reported. - I'm not going to write about how bad things are there now, about the products lying in the open air and about the lawlessness of management.

I want to share a story. A man from the trade union came to our shop, an ideologist of some kind, I can't say exactly what rank he has. He started a lecture saying that lately a lot of workers have been leaving the state trade unions and in general that they are secretly talking about strikes.

He told us that it is very important to preserve each workplace, that only the union can protect us and that if there is a strike, we will let down the whole country.

One of our men interrupted him and said that this factory is in such a bad state, that even if there is a strike, no one will notice it. We all started to laugh. Then he said that this union has already got to him and that he also wants to leave, as he asked how to write the statement.

The planted man turned white, mumbled something else for three minutes under his nose and ran away."

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