9 August 2020, Sunday, 1:58
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Blood Donors In Minsk Not Tested For COVID-19?

Blood Donors In Minsk Not Tested For COVID-19?

Doctors do not go beyond an oral survey about the possible contacts with infected people.

Charter97.org was informed about this by an employee of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Transfusiology and Medical Biotechnology in Minsk.

“Our institution accepts blood and its components from donors,” he writes. “But the problem is that donors have not been tested for COVID-19 recently.

When undergoing a medical examination before the blood donation, a nurse conducts an oral survey about the diseases a donor may have, whether there were contacts with people infected with the coronavirus, or tick bites. Based on the answers, a doctor makes a decision whether to offer the donor antibody testing or not.

Naturally, those who voluntarily go to donate blood do not admit that they had contacts with infected people, because then it makes no sense to come. An agreement is signed with everyone, and they donate blood without any obstacles.