20 September 2020, Sunday, 4:15
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Siloviki Attack BBC Film Crew In Minsk

Siloviki Attack BBC Film Crew In Minsk

All journalists had accreditations.

In Minsk, Lukashenka's raiders attacked a BBC film crew. This happened during the protests on 11 August.

All three BBC journalists had accreditations issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, all were wearing identification vests and had identification cards.

A group of men in black uniforms without insignia approached the journalists, one of them demanded to show accreditation, after which he tore the card from the correspondent's neck, tore the camera out of his hands and tried to break it.

Two more BBC journalists tried to convince the security officials to return the accreditation card. In response, two of them started beating the cameraman, and hitting his camera. BBC journalists were not detained.