18 September 2020, Friday, 9:41
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I Support Belarusian Women In White With All My Heart

I Support Belarusian Women In White With All My Heart

The get-out of the confrontation ought to be peaceful.

Charter97.org editor-in-chief Natallia Radzina has written on her Facebook page:

- I must admit, I started to cry when I saw Belarusian the women in white clothes and with flowers in the streets of Minsk and other Belarusian cities yesterday. I mean, it seemed that after the last terrible nights the bloodless transition to freedom and democracy would no longer be possible, we would win, but only through "blood, sweat and tears," and that a civil war had broken out in the country.

Yes, we are the overwhelming majority. But we are unarmed against soulless armed robots. And these women have changed everything, they have stopped the confrontation that seemed so inevitable. And they have been followed by thousands and thousands of women and men across the country.

I was shocked by an incident in Hrodna: women managed to part the fighters from the police and the protesting youth, who wanted to liberate their comrade. The detainee was released, and the conflict was over.

I was shocked by the video from Minsk, when our legendary 73-year-old activist Nina Bahinskaya went through the ranks of huge riot policemen in black uniform with the banned white-red-white flag. And one of them unexpectedly, even for himself, held up her hand, so that she wouldn't fall.

The dictatorship would not be stopped without the courage of the Belarusians, especially of the youth. However, it was women who managed to stop the confrontation, even if for one day. "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God". And in Belarus, the daughters in white clothes raised the olive branch. On the same day, leaders of the two main Belarusian churches appealed to all Belarusians with a plea for a dialogue.

Dear Belarusians, let's support the good initiative of women and take to the streets of Belarusian cities today at any time they say. I wholeheartedly support my Belarusian sisters and believe in a better future for our country.