27 September 2020, Sunday, 0:55
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Minsk Metro Announced Strike

Minsk Metro Announced Strike

The metro workers have made demands to the authorities.

The workers of the Minsk metro have announced about the strike.

This is reported by independent telegram channels, where the workers of the Minsk metro have sent the text of their appeal:

"The workers of the Minsk metro are preparing for the strike, from depot workers to engineering services. There are thousands of them, they are all divided into small groups, shifts and stations, but they side with the people.

Passengers, join them when the strike starts at 12:30! Do not stand idly by, waiting in the wagon for changes. Everyone will get off at their stations! Get out at the stations towards the city centre so that you are as close as possible, but do not create a crowd on one side of the road.

The metro workers say:

Let's show ideologist Varabjou with his Gestapo commission inspections that we're not a bunch of simpletons, but specialists!

Say no to violence against people in our country!

Freedom to the political prisoners and all the detainees!

Say yes to fair elections!"