27 September 2020, Sunday, 0:11
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Negotiations With Regime Can Only Be About Terms Of Surrender

Negotiations With Regime Can Only Be About Terms Of Surrender

The country needs new elections.

Let's not give victory to crooks. Let's not fall into a state of euphoria for the next five years.

The security apparatus is now creating this feeling of victory for us: walk the streets, sing songs, wave the flag - and no one will beat you in the kidney area at that. Unusual, isn't it? But it's an illusion. They will not beat us today. Tomorrow they will do it, and even more painfully, for your euphoria today.

They think we're easy to manipulate: let them walk along the streets with songs - and the Belarusians will calm down. After all, this is freedom, this is exactly what we have been fighting for - that's it, now we have nothing to fight for, we have won! And some representatives of the former headquarters miraculously urge you to go for some reason to meet with representatives of the occupation administration, and now Zhodzina residents are meeting with the mayor, and this is presented as a great achievement. Guys, there is no mayor in Zhodzina! And in other cities and towns, too. The mayor is the one you choose. And the appointed representative of the administration - who is he to you? Why meet him and what can you talk to him about?

Speaking of negotiations. With graciousness they're trying to get us away from protests, let alone strikes, towards some kind of fake dialogue. And now pretty clever people seriously go to the sandbox with molds and all their anger turns into peaceful discussion of "who can participate". And the blood and death have already been forgotten? There was time to talk in the past, all the more so because the opposition used to offer dialogue in the past years. Now, dialogue is out of the question. And negotiations can only be held about one thing - about the terms of surrender.

Capitulation, coalition government, elections.

We are not mugs.

Iryna Khalip, Facebook