22 September 2020, Tuesday, 4:15
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Belarusians Went Out on the Streets All Over the Country Again (Online)

Belarusians Went Out on the Streets All Over the Country Again (Online)

Chains of solidarity are being built in many cities.

Hundreds of thousands of people took part in the action of solidarity in all cities of Belarus yesterday. The main demand of the protesters: "Lukashenka, go away!" In Minsk, the striking workers of the MTZ joined the column of thousands of protesters and held a grand rally on Independence Square.

Presidential elections are over in Belarus. Yarmoshyna's CEC falsified the results, Lukashenka gained only 13.7%.

On August 9, mass protests took place in 33 cities of Belarus. On August 10, Belarusians continued to protest. On August 11, the All-Belarusian strike started across the country.

On August 12, Belarusian women went on the streets in white clothes, calling on the authorities to stop the violence. They were supported by thousands upon thousands of citizens across the country.

Natallia Radzina, editor-in-chief of the website Charter97.org, also called on women to be supported and to show solidarity.

People were shocked by the monstrous crimes of OMON and the jailers, told about by those released from the police station on Akrestsin Street. Hundreds of thousands of people took part in the action of solidarity in all cities of Belarus yesterday. The main demand of the protesters: "Lukashenka, go away!" In Minsk, the striking workers of the MTZ joined the column of thousands of protesters and held a grand rally on Independence Square.

Today, from the very morning, Belarusians are again lining up in a chain of solidarity.

15:48 Orsha went out!

15:48 Sharks of protest!

15:47 Borysau Center now. Let's not forget. We will not forgive.

15:43 A column of doctors in the center of Brest.

15:40 New videos - from Iuje and Lyahavichy.

15:39 Professional poster on Pushkinskaya

15:36 Action of solidarity in Maladzechna: people lined up along the main street of the city, many of them women.

15:36 Brest residents go to the city center.

15:32 In Viciebsk, demonstrators went to the eternal flame on Victory Square to lay flowers

15:32 Minsk. Bumazhkou street. This is already a trend!

15:32 Right now in Minsk on Independence Avenue, it is very beautiful

15:32 Mahileu, Lenin Square!

15.22 At these minutes, Buda-Koshaleva is catching up on the action.

15.17 In Baranavichy, people are marching to the local pre-trial detention center! There are a lot of them!

15.13 A lot of people came out in Viciebsk!

15.12 On Independence Avenue in Minsk, there is also a chain of solidarity.

15.11 Hrodna chants, "Lukashenka, go away!"

15.07 Such a column of students passed near the Zhurfak in the direction of Pushkinskaya.

15.06 Another atmospheric video from the thousands-strong action on Pushkinskaya.

15.04 Bikers rode in a column near the pre-trial detention center in Baranavichy.

15.03 Minsk. Ramanouskaya Slabada. A column of students of the Faculty of International Relations walked towards the Pushkinskaya metro station.

15.02 And there are more and more people in Mahilev!

14.59 Klimavichy have already started the march!

14.56 People gathered near the pre-trial detention center in Baranavichy.

14.55 Let's not forget! We will not forgive! People came out to Independence Square with photographs of the detainees' injuries, which were inflicted by the sadists from the OMON.

14.50 National Airport Minsk 2. This is how the masters of the Belarusian sky go on strike and rally!

14.49 The action of solidarity is taking place in Mir!

14.48 Homel right now. There are more and more people.

14.47 More than 5 thousand people have already gathered on Lenin Square in Hrodna.

14.38 Viciebsk. The chain of solidarity stands near the Town Hall.

14.37 People in Hrodna are going to Lenin Square.

14.36 In Ashmyany right now, doctors and residents of the city are holding a protest against violence by the security forces.

14.34 At these minutes, near the ONT building, people demand the truth.

14.32 Homel in these minutes.

14:26 In Dziarzhynsk, people became a human chain near the executive committee.

14.22 Verhniadzvinsk, Vysokaje, Baranavichy, Krasnaselski - all are in solidarity!

14.19 Such power there is in Brest near the Central Department Store!

14.18 In Barysau, ambulance doctors came to the action of solidarity.

14.17 Homel, Mahileu, Fanipal, Zhodzino, Dziarzhynsk today.

14.16 The police are with the people!

14.15 Mahileu demands the release of political prisoners.

14.12 The action of solidarity continues in Homel.

14.09 Biaroza stands in solidarity!

14.03 A stunningly beautiful action of solidarity. Belarusians are incredible!

13.59 Solidarity actions in Mahileu, Braslau, and the village of Bohusheva, Pinsk region. People are coming out everywhere!

13.57 Another photo from the action of solidarity near the BSU.

13.56 Svetlahorsk is already starting to go out into the street.

13.55 A white-red-white flag is raised over the Krasnoselskstroymaterialy enterprise in Vaukavysk.

13.54 More photos from the Airborne Forces action in Hrodna.

13.53 Homel now.

13.52 Railway station area, near the BSU building. The chain of solidarity.

13.50 At the intersection of Zybitskaya and Musical lane in Minsk, dozens of participants in an impromptu flash mob gathered. The dress code is red and black. Each has a mirror in her hands. After that, the girls went along Niamiha towards the central correctional colony on Akrestsin Street.

13.47 Philharmonic employees and other artists went to the steps of the building. Such actions of solidarity on the steps of the Philharmonic are taking place for the third day in a row.

13.42 The village of Pershai of the Valozhin region is also in solidarity!

13.35 Verkhniadzvinsk also went to the action of solidarity!

13.33 Barysau is beautiful today!

13.32 In Mahileu, protesters went to the regional executive committee.

13.29 A column of paratroopers is marching across Hrodna with a banner "We are with the people!"

13.27 Students of the Hrodna College of Music took part in an action of solidarity.

13.24 Barysau massively went to the action of solidarity.

13.18 Navapolack also entered the chain of memory and solidarity.

13.17 In Barysau, people gathered at the executive committee and demand the mayor. He, in turn, prefers to sit back and not show up.

13.15 In Zhodzina, the memory of the peaceful demonstrator Aliaksandr Taraikouski was also honored.

13.05 In Hrodna and Brest, airborne troops express solidarity with the people of Belarus.

12.57 Belavia employees took part in solidarity action.

12.54 In Brest, there is also a live chain and an action in memory of Aleiaksandr Taraikouski. Airborne troops came there and distributed flowers to people.

11:35 Minsk Innovation University joined the action of solidarity and hung white-red-white flags on the facade.

11:21 People lined up in a human chain near the Central Department Store in Brest.

11:07 Teachers of College named after Vygotsky in Homel became a human chain.

11:03 Residents of Uruchcha formed a chain of solidarity.

11:02 The national flag was raised over the Hrodna Drama Theater.