23 September 2020, Wednesday, 18:18
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Russian Journalist Pavel Selin To Belarusians: All Normal People In Russia And World Are With You Now!

Russian Journalist Pavel Selin To Belarusians: All Normal People In Russia And World Are With You Now!
Pavel Selin

Belarus will be free.

Well-known Russian journalist Pavel Selin addressed Belarusians:

Hello! My name is Pavel Selin, I am a journalist.

Belarus is not a foreign country for me: my ancestors are from near Vorsha, and I myself worked in Minsk for three years as a special correspondent for one of the Russian TV channels, and was deported for what I wrote.

I am overwhelmed with feelings because of what is happening now in Belarus - a country that I love dearly, and where I have an incredible number of friends.

Dear people, I am very proud of you! And I really want to support you. All normal people in Russia and all over the world are with you now!

I see you - unarmed - go out under the police batons, bullets and grenades.

I have been following the situation in Belarus for many years, making stories and films about what is happening there. My last works for Charter-97 are films ‘Astravets, The Death Isle’, ‘Epidemic during the Dictatorship’, and a video for the song ‘Go away!’ I know what is happening in Belarus!

Today I am receiving a large number of letters from my friends, acquaintances and strangers from all over Belarus. I will quote one of them. These are people who have never been involved and were not even remotely interested in politics:

‘Hello! We seem to be doing well))) In short, those people who go to demonstrations, they are not drug addicts, not drunkards, it's us! Our family, friends, neighbors. A friend's son was detained 3 days ago, she cannot find him. My aunt, 66 years old, goes to protests, she was one step close to her head being broken by police. Lukashenka really made everyone sick, they didn't vote for him. I just wanted to say it as it is.’

I covered a lot of events in Belarus related to detentions and arrests, but

I have never seen such an exorbitant level of brutality ...

Belarusian police, riot police, internal troops, special forces, are you punitive ???? Are you fascists ???

As the policemen served the fascists during the war years, so you are now serving your Fuehrer Lukashenka, who was enraged with fear. Brutally hit and shoot your neighbors, friends and relatives!

There are victims already! Doesn't that stop you ????

Think before it's too late. Each of you will be judged. Sooner or later there will be a judgment for what you are doing now.

And be with your people before it's too late!

Already, the bravest of you are throwing your police IDs on the table, lowering shields, removing helmets, and refusing to use force against ordinary unarmed people.

And the guys who served in the special forces earlier throw their demobilization uniforms in the trash or burn them in protest.


Well, you know better than others - whose truth? !! Lukashenka lost shamefully with a crash and is now ready to do anything not to be put up against the wall.

Don't follow his orders. Be human.

Yes, it's hard, yes, it's scary.

But no matter how banal and naive it may sound - a clear conscience in old age is more important than handouts from the lordly table of an elderly lustful dictator who has 20 residences and a personal harem.

I admire Belarusian girls and women who found courage in themselves, took to the streets with flowers and stopped the punishers, stopped the confrontation!

I admire those who, at the risk of everything, go on an indefinite strike. A strike with one hope: to throw off this hateful cockroach and be a normal prosperous country.

Belarusians are one of the most patient, calm and intelligent people I have met in my life. And I know - they’ve got enough! Just - enough !!!! 26 years - think about it - 26 years to live in a collective farm-prison barracks under the leadership of a boor who clings to power and shoots at his people.

My dear Belarusians, hold on! You are our Hope and our Pride! The dictatorship will not last forever! Long Live Belarus!