19 September 2020, Saturday, 21:55
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Your Reputation Is On Chopping Block

Your Reputation Is On Chopping Block

Vadzim Prakopjeu has appealed to state and non-state journalists.

Well-known Belarusian restaurateur Vadzim Prakopjeu addressed journalists of state and non-state media.

"Your role is great. Not everything depends on you, but a lot. What you do in the coming weeks will always remain on your conscience.

There is a great chance that even in such a tolerant country as Belarus, many of you will become non-handshakable. You, who work at the state channels, we don't expect you to be brave off the scale. We do not expect you to follow the example of your dismissed colleagues. Not everyone can be a hero.

Sabotage, record what is happening, save your correspondence with the superiors," - the businessman appealed to journalists of the state media.

"We are at war. The independent journalism should become the front line. Otherwise it is part of the regime's information service. Your reputation is on the chopping block", - Vadzim Prakopjeu reminds non-state journalists.