21 September 2020, Monday, 16:16
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Experts Note That Lukashenka Is Seriously Ill

Experts Note That Lukashenka Is Seriously Ill

The voice shows the dictator's serious health problems.

Yesterday, Lukashenka met with Natallia Kachanava, head of his election campaign headquarters, and Viktar Sheiman, chief of the administration, who is under international sanctions in connection with cases of disappearance of opponents of the regime in Belarus.

The video was released by the dictator's press service. The unusual voice of Lukashenka attracts attention.

In addition, the ONT TV channel showed footage of Lukashenka's meeting with law enforcement officers during his visit to the military unit 3214 of Interior Ministry troops in Minsk.

During the meeting, Lukashenka began to choke. He turned white, took off his tie and barely continued his speech.