25 September 2020, Friday, 11:11
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Policeman: Majority Will Side With People

Policeman: Majority Will Side With People

There are more people who support changes than you think.

A police officer outraged by the last speech of Yury Karayeu, head of the Interior Ministry, wrote to the "Basta!" telegram channel.

"Watched Karayeu's speech. I, to be honest, had a different opinion about him until recently. He is a traitor to his own people. I work in the police, - he writes. - I want him to know that most of the officers do not believe in this nonsense. The majority will side with the people. Only those who fuss over positions will go against them. If he dares to touch the people, we will give a fight. There's more of us than you think. The suitcase, the station, the UAE. And it's not gonna help that you're trying to convince people in every department and calling emergency meetings. Nobody's gonna let himself be deceived. You're just clowns in epaulets.

I was at the rally in Brest and I saw all the people. Common people of all ages who are tired of this lawlessness and poverty. And he wants the common sergeants, ensigns and officers to go against these defenseless people. Of course, the office rats will be chilling in the cabinets. And the junior staff will be sent to do their dirty work. Sergeants, officers and ensigns, don't let them brainwash you and make you their puppets. Don't commit a crime. Your friends, acquaintances, possibly relatives will be there, and will you go against them? Think a hundred times before you do that, the officials and generals will run away, and you will stay and be responsible for it.

And I also want to ask people to take to the streets. Without exception. The officers must see that the people will support them."