25 September 2020, Friday, 9:58
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Lukashenka Is Weak And Confused, Take Power!

Lukashenka Is Weak And Confused, Take Power!
Alexey Melnikov

This is the crucial moment.

Let us call a spade a spade.

Lukashenka's power is the power of a criminal.

Only the determination of millions will give the people of Belarus an opportunity to break dictator Lukashenka on August 10 - to arrest him, to judge for seizing power, for killing opponents, for getting rich at the expense of the people of Belarus. There is no such crime that Lukashenka hasn't committed during his 26-year dictatorship.

There should be no compromises with him.

Mass support for Tsikhanouskaya gives hope, the dictator is shaking. Tsikhanouskaya's victory in the August 9 elections is predetermined - she'll become president of Belarus and head the transitional government. The main thing is seize the moment.

Lukashenka is weak, confused and hysterical. He has no support. The more assurances about the loyalty of the army, the fewer reasons to believe.

Lukashenka's scenario for August 9 - the criminals in the election commissions should rob the Belarusian people at the elections, approve Lukashenka for a new term, the criminals in the KGB and other "law enforcement agencies" should suppress local discontent. They should all understand that after the victory of the Belarusian people - they will be tried as members of Lukashenka's organized criminal group - accomplices in the seizure of power. They have one way out - not to obey criminal orders to steal votes, to force people to vote, to arrest, beat and kill. Obey the will of the Belarusian people. Leave them do it. Side with them.

The crucial moment has come. Only millions in the streets on August 9 and 10 and decisive action on eliminating Lukashenka's dictatorship will lead to victory. Break the rule of the frightened criminal. Take power.

Alexey Melnikov, Telegram