18 September 2020, Friday, 21:07
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"Tired, Sick, Scared, Wet And Bitter"

"Tired, Sick, Scared, Wet And Bitter"

Officials were listening to Lukashenka.

It was very difficult for Lukashenka to speak to officials this time. Both physically and psychologically. Endless wiping of the wet face with the handkerchief, when practically no one in the hall was sweating, will remain the strongest memory about his address.

Attempts of the broadcast director to interrupt these footage of wiping wet face led to the fact that Lukashenka was shown very little. The voice also testifies not to his best condition. And the sudden disappearance after the speech is also a mystery. It's like doing a disappearing act. As we know, the wounded are pitied, and the tone of the performance was exactly the same: take pity, do not betray, think back. The tired, sick, frightened, wet and offended person asks those present, whose faces are like at a funeral, to be with him," - Radio Svaboda journalist Dzmitry Hurnevich comments on Lukashenka's address.