18 September 2020, Friday, 10:30
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Basta! Telegram Channel Reader: Strike To Begin On August 10

Basta! Telegram Channel Reader: Strike To Begin On August 10

It'll help us win.

"Workers, you are a huge force that has overthrown dictators. Stop the factories on August 10", - a reader of the "Basta!" telegram channel wrote.

"I was born in the early 80s in Minsk, - the reader writes. - I grew up in one of the most uneasy districts of the city - Shabany. There were different times, different memories, there were both good and bad: beer from a barrel, ice cream for 20 kopecks, returning glass bottles, stagnation and food for coupons. All this was the result of the rule of one party, a time when there was only one opinion, the opinion of the ruling elite, who lived indulging in every pleasure.

Does this remind you of 2020?

My parents have worked in the factory all their lives and still do. Being on pension now, they can't help but work, because pension is just miserable kopecks, and that's for decent years of work, huge experience, labor rewards and awards.

My fate could have been the same if I had not gone the other way. I started my working life as a turner, milling machine operator, locksmith and reached the level of director of a small private enterprise. But this happened not thanks to the "king", but thanks to the first "greyness" at 25, because doing at least some business in our country is a "carousel" of constantly changing game rules.

I want to turn to the workers of the factories. If you do not want to live like this, then remember the history - no overthrow of the dictatorship took place without the participation of the working class. You are a huge force that has overthrown kings and dictators.

Stop the factories and plants on August 10, go to the squares of your cities and towns. Only the unity of all of us can turn the tide of our history."

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