9 May 2021, Sunday, 7:23
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Women's March in Minsk (Online)

Women's March in Minsk (Online)

More than 10 thousand Belarusian women took part in the March.

Today the Women's March took place in Belarus.

Charter97.org broadcast the March live.

17.36 After the March, girls chant in the Minsk subway Long Live Belarus! and See you tomorrow!

17.20 The column of protesting women reached Victory Square. Protesting Belarusians chant See you tomorrow! and gradually disperse.

17.11 Having learned that there could be paddy wagons at the Academy of Sciences, the column changed its plan and turned back to Yakub Kolas Square.

17.03 Women's protest. Photo: Olga Shukailo, Daria Buryakina.

16.49 Women have already passed Yakub Kolas Square and are moving towards the Academy of Sciences. According to journalists' estimates, over 10,000 people take part in the action.

16.45 Thousands of Belarusians are marching along Independence Avenue.

16.40 Women march along Independence Avenue towards Yakub Kolas Square.

16.32 The column chant "Karaev must be tried!"

16.28 Participants in the Women's March in Minsk today brought portraits of girls detained one week ago. The Belarusians hold photos of Polina Zyl, Anastasia Kirik and Daria Lozovskaya.

16.23 Participants of the Women's March in Minsk use new tactics. The groups form columns in different places in the city center. Then these columns unite and take the route they are the ones to know. Near the Yanka Kupala Square, two columns united; one of them came from the Opera House and the others from Oktyabrskaya Square. The column from Peramozhtsau Avenue is also heading towards the center.

16.18 The Women's March is heading towards Independence Avenue. There are already more than 2 thousand participants in the column.

16.13 The moment when the two columns unite.

16.10 Another column of girls has been formed near the Opera House. They encircled the minibus and did not let it drive away.

16.09 The Women's March in Minsk often changes direction to bypass the cordons and confuse the law enforcers. Now the protesters are moving towards Zybitskaya Street.

16.02 Many people have already joined the march.

15.59 The participants in the March went to Peramozhtsau Avenue.

15.57 The March is gaining strength.

15.55 The March is gaining momentum at Peramozhtsau Avenue. More than a thousand women participate in the March.

15.44 There are also photos of women being brutally detained by the chasteners.

15.43 The Women's March continues. Minsk. The column goes from Svobody Square towards Nemiga Street.

15.42 Despite the arrests, hundreds of women have self-organized and are marching through the center of Minsk.

15.37 Nina Baginskaya blocked the road for the paddy wagon with the detained women inside.

15.31 Women block the paddy wagon with the detained participants.

15.30 The girl ripped the mask off the chastener and the latter hit her.

15.27 Brutal detentions continue. Screams of girls do not stop chasteners.

15.23 Nina Baginskaya felt weak. People are demanding a doctor.

15.19 A woman liberated Nina Baginskaya.

15.15 The women started to pull chasteners' balaclavas off.

15.14 The girls encircled the bus of law enforcers, where they had previously put the detainees. Girls are trying to liberate the detained girls.

15.13 The women made a coupling so that no one could detain them.

15.12 The chasteners attacked the women who were peacefully protesting.

15.11 There are already about a thousand people near the Town Hall. The women chanted: "I am just walking!"

15.08 There are already over five hundred people on Freedom Square, including the legendary Nina Baginskaya.

15.00 Dozens of participants of the March gathered at the Freedom Square.