9 May 2021, Sunday, 7:13
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Psychiatrist: Lukashenka Is Not Just a Psychopath. He Has a Bunch of Diseases

Psychiatrist: Lukashenka Is Not Just a Psychopath. He Has a Bunch of Diseases
Photo: TASS

It will all end when he is gone.

Spectators continue to discuss the spectacular interview of the Belarusian president to the leading Russian state channels.

In an interview with Russian propagandists, Lukashenka said that the Americans "follow him from space" and "transmit signals to the center near Warsaw".

Sobesednik.ru asked cartoonist and psychiatrist Andrei Bilzho whether a healthy person could seriously make such statements to the whole world.

- Can we call Lukashenka a harmless psychopath?

- No way. What kind of a harmless psychopath is he? Of course, he is dangerous! A psychopath is a person who feels bad and hurts others. This is reality, it is not a disease. A person is born with it and lives with it. Psychopathy reveals itself when a psychopath has a decompensation. It happens when the psychopath finds himself in conditions that do not suit him. As an example: a public person who enjoys a large audience appears on stage in front of an empty hall, and hears: "You will work for three months in a library with no one in it".

- Is Lukashenka honest in believing that Americans follow him from outer space?

- Yes. He is quite honest. At the same time, Lukashenka demonstrates a complete decompensation. For 25 years he has been in power feeling that this is his country, his apartment and can change furniture the way he likes. Now he's horrified! He wakes up and hears: "Get out of here!" Of course, he is terrified. He wants to protect his apartment. At this moment, he does not see how ridiculous he is, says the doctor.

- He drives away people who claim to his apartment. He feels bad, terrible. He can't be realistic and doesn't tolerate any criticism. An occupational hazard adds up to the whole picture," Bilzho adds.

- Lukashenka and Putin, as well as any person who has been in power for too long, serve as a good example. They do not see what is happening and do not see real life. One can read about it in Andersen's fairy tale about the naked king.

Lukashenka really does not understand anything. He is completely lacking in self-criticism. He's inadequate. He suffers from the occupational hazard, decompensation. Plus, I must say that Lukashenka is du***ss. Yes, this word is offensive, but it is comprehensive. It will be wrong to say that he's a fool or a weirdo. Their meaning does not correspond to the real situation. He has always been du***ss. And now everyone can see it. A man behaves inadequately. These three components make up the image of Lukashenka.

- Can you give a forecast of Lukashenka's political career with such a diagnosis?

- Everything will end when he is gone.