21 September 2020, Monday, 0:10
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‘Local Policemen Say This Major Was Sacked From Prison Over Excess Cruelty’

‘Local Policemen Say This Major Was Sacked From Prison Over Excess Cruelty’

What do residents of Zhodzina say about the executioner who punched a woman in the face?

Three days have passed since the incident in Zhodzina, when a policeman punched a woman in the parking lot at the Elegant Mall. Discussions about what happened do not stop: they talk about it in workshops and offices, in stores and on the streets, in social networks and chats.

EX-PRESS.BY readers from Zhodzina shared their thoughts about what happened.

Aliaksandr, 50, entrepreneur:

- For the whole morning, I have been looking for a letter form to the education department, to schools and kindergartens. We want to abandon the information hours that police officers and other departments conduct. After the incident near the Elegant Mall, when a policeman punched a woman, we can no longer feel peaceful in this regard. When this happens, people should hear an apology from the head of the police. And we have only seen the attempts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to justify this. We are afraid for our children.

Iryna, 45:

- Dozens of people filmed the incident. He hit her when the people were chanting “Thank you” and “Police are with the people”. I don't understand such slogans at all, why are they? The police see enemies in each of us, we are not humans for them, in Zhodzina many think so now. My 12-year-old son shudders when he comes across police officers.

Alena, 32:

- I watched the video and I was just physically hurt. Any of us could have been in her place. A man, a policeman punches in the face. He sees perfectly well who is standing in front of him. And these disgusting explanations about self-defense. We all took them for an attempt to cover for this policeman. I'm scared.

Yauhenia, 69:

- I would like the chief of the police to explain to us what happened. Even if his point of view would not suit us. Well, let them at least make an attempt to establish contact and not raise people’s indignation. I want them not to cover, not hide those who beat people. We are peaceful people, you can negotiate with us. But, apparently, we do not live in a country where the human lives and peace matter.

Piotr, 58:

- I was at the dacha, and a friend from New Zealand, a former resident of Zhodzina, called me. He told us what happened. The whole world sees this chaos, and it will not be possible to hide it. Local policemen said that this major served in a prison, and was fired from there for his excess cruelty. I am a man, and I cry when I see what is happening.

Oon September 13, the participants of the peaceful action “March of Heroes” defended the driver at the Elegant Mall - he supported the rally participants by honking. The traffic police released him, people were chanting “Thank you!”, and “Police are with the people!” One of the policemen unexpectedly punched a woman in the face. The blow was so strong that the woman fell on the asphalt. On the same day, she recorded the beatings, and filed a statement to the Investigatory Committee.