22 October 2020, Thursday, 18:00
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

The Power Is With Us

The Power Is With Us

The cockroach should feel it every day.

Not so long ago, the whole country still sitting deep down in the Lukashist swap, measuredly muttering to ourselves the cherished ideological mantras about stability and welfare, while clearly realizing that these are all fairy tales for our reassurance.

But no matter how much you are asleep, you have to wake up. This is how the world works, and we were no exception. Lukashism lost, along with its uncivilized leader and savage environment. It lost utterly, although he refuses to accept it.

The Belarusians suddenly became free and united, broke all stereotypes and attitudes, turned the stagnation upside down, and are not going to stop there.

What to do now? The answer is simple - continue to do everything that we have been doing together lately, but increase the onslaught every day. The power is with us; the cockroach must feel it every day.

We press on all sore spots, with force and consistency from all sides, from the whole country. Our advantage is that this dictatorship has no healthy places left; everything is infected.

We organize and go out to the streets every day and create autonomous, interconnected groups without being tied to any center. Groups must act in sync with each other. There should be a strong relationship between groups of different districts and even courtyards that could support each other if necessary.

It is essential that the groups themselves are as close together as possible; for any actions, each participant must know the escape routes, the terrain, and how to defend themselves if necessary.

Here, it is necessary to note that self-defense detachments began to be organized everywhere because people were already thoroughly fed up with the security forces' arbitrariness. The idea is very good and fully fits into a peaceful protest framework, especially since there is someone to defend against.

Coordination of actions and mutual support are also important here, and a lot of factors play in our favor, the main of which is a common goal, which is not achieved by compulsion.

The next important painful point of the cockroach is his wallet, from which he sponsors terror against the people, so it is necessary to cut his flow of funds as much as possible. We totally withdraw from the pro-government trade unions, organizations, and parties, remove every last penny from bank accounts, cash out bank cards, change currency as little as possible, boycott shops and trademarks loyal to the authorities.

Today we all know for sure that the authorities are afraid of the unification of society in everything; therefore, they are trying to separate us. A dictator's worst dream is a strike. Real, in which people do not work at all.

One week of the strike and the lukonomic house of cards will collapse, pulling with it everything that helps the dictator to hold on to the throne, burying Lukashenka himself and his hangers-on under the rubble.

Now there is not a single state-owned enterprise in the country whose workers would not go on strike. Most often, these are "Italian" strikes, coupled with sabotage, which is also quite effective and destructive for the regime.

But I think that their apogee will be full-fledged strikes with workers taking to the streets of their cities because there is no money in the country, the printing press is already working to its fullest. This will bring down the ruble, which will once again lead to a sharp impoverishment of people.

Should the workers wait for this or not, it is up to them to decide, but the longer they wait, the more scorched is our common field - Belarus.

Andrej Vojnich, press service of the civil campaign "European Belarus"