20 October 2020, Tuesday, 11:56
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Sweden Claims Lukashenka's Illegitimacy

Sweden Claims Lukashenka's Illegitimacy

The list of countries that do not recognize the usurper's power is growing.

Sweden, like other EU countries, does not recognize the legality of Lukashenka's new term. Foreign Minister of this country Ann Linde announced this on her Twitter account.

Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde, on September 23, on the day of Lukashenka's “inauguration”, posted on Twitter her position with regard to the ceremony, as well as on the non-recognition of the results of the presidential elections in Belarus.

“Lukashenka’s inauguration, hastily and without warning, reaffirms his lack of legitimacy as a democratically elected leader. The August 9 elections were neither free nor fair. We will continue to hold him responsible for the violence and repression against the opposition, as well as peaceful demonstrators,” the minister said in a statement.

Let us remind you that after Lukashenka's “inauguration” representatives of a number of countries, such as Germany, Estonia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, USA, Canada, Norway, as well as the EU, announced that they did not recognize the legitimacy of the procedure, and the results of the presidential elections held on August 9 in Belarus.