26 October 2020, Monday, 1:46
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The Second Front - Economic One - We Need

The Second Front - Economic One - We Need
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It's time to block the usurper all possible sources of income.

Maksim Viniarski, the coordinator of European Belarus civil campaign, wrote it on Facebook:

- The Belarusian uprising against the dictatorship has been ongoing for over fifty days. All this time, every day citizens take to the streets and squares for the sake of their freedom, honour, dignity, the right to choose and be elected.

The dictator, maddened by the thirst for power, plays law enforcers against our people. They shoot at people, throw grenades, hit them with batons and water cannons. The pseudo-judicial system sends hundreds of dissidents to prisons. It issues huge fines. Every law has been breached by Lukashenka and his yes-men.

The country is persistently pushed into the abyss of civil war. Those who dare to go on strikes and protest are fired and jailed. And now we need the help of all civilized countries like never before.

We are grateful for the support already provided to the people of Belarus. For not recognizing the dictator's "self-inauguration". But it is not enough. The most painful point for the usurper is his pocket. For almost twenty-six years he stuffed the money in it, having put the treasury aside. Now he uses this pocket to finance the work of chasteners, prison guards and propagandists.

His father ability to finance the suppression of our freedom determines the number of people subjected to persecution. We will not give up anyway. One cannot turn free people into slaves. But it can prolong his agony.

It is high time to cut off all possible sources of income. The introduction of economic sanctions would corner the dictator.

A ban on the export of oil products, potash fertilizers and electricity, as well as the termination of any financial assistance to the state authorities, the suspension of trade relations with Belarusian state enterprises, would leave the dictator alone in a matter of days and weeks. Thus, it may save the lives, health and freedom of dozens, hundreds and thousands of people.

The war for the life and freedom of Belarusians is already underway. And now, the second front - an economic one - we need more than ever. Impose sanctions.

Recently, the editor-in-chief of Charter97.org Natallia Radzina stated that economic sanctions could make Lukashenka's regime surrender.