29 October 2020, Thursday, 23:13
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Nobel Prize Winner Svetlana Alexievich Addressed to Belarusians

Nobel Prize Winner Svetlana Alexievich Addressed to Belarusians
Svetlana Alexievich

The writer declared the country's uprising and her pride on the people.

Today, Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Alexievich appealed to Belarusians. The Belarusian PEN Center published the writer's statement.

- There are no like-minded friends of mine left in the praesidium of the Coordinating Council. Everyone is either in prison or expelled from the country. Today Maxim Znak, the last one, was detained.

First, they stole the country, now they kidnap the best of us. But hundreds of others will take the place of those pipped out of our ranks. It is not the Coordinating Council that has risen. The country has risen. I want to say again what I always say. We did not prepare a coup. We wanted to prevent a split in our country. We wanted the dialogue to begin in society. Lukashenka says he will not talk to the street, and the street is hundreds of thousands of people who go out every Sunday and every day. This is not a street. It is the people.

People take to the street with their minor children because they believe that they will win.

I also want to appeal to the Russian intelligentsia, let's call it this way following a tradition. Why are you silent? We hear only some voices in support. Why are you silent when you see a small, proud nation being repressed? We are still your brothers.

And I want to tell my people that I love them. I am proud of them.

Here again, someone unknown rings the doorbell...

It will be recalled that today officers in plain clothes came to Svetlana. She receives a call on the phone and intercom; unknown demand to let them in the apartment.