24 January 2021, Sunday, 11:43
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Your day has come

Your day has come

Protest volunteers are involved in a million different things.

A reader of the "Basta!" Telegram channel answers the question that worries many people - "What to do?":

- More and more people are asking this question now. We were already hoping for puppeteers, partisans, the West, doctors, Russia, and many others ... As a result, we understood that this was just one of the steps in a marathon of struggle.

Another acceleration of the march became my moment of truth. If we want to win, we have to take on the work ourselves. Effective protest is work. Thoughtful, with discussion and finding the best ways. Work day after day. Taking more and more time and effort, but bearing more and more fruits.

This is how my migration to professional protest happened.

It turned out that the protest volunteers are engaged in a million different things: from being on duty at police stations to monitoring chats; from preparation of future legislation to elaboration of materials for flags; from designing flyers to drawing graffiti and murals. Thousands of people daily work continuously in hundreds of directions, the main (ultimate?) Goal of which is to build the New Belarus.

Everyone finds their own way:

- partisan struggle, defense, strike;

- material or legal assistance;

- generation of ideas, texts; decoration and design;

- channel administration; video and photography;

- layout, printing and distribution of newspapers;

- complaints and objections to protocols;

- letters to political prisoners and support for detainees;

- work on international routes or within the country;

- leadership or support.

These are puzzles of one mosaic. Together they are capable of covering all parts of the society with a protest movement, giving each one its own struggle tool. An acceptable, workable tool that brings joy of personal contribution to protest - here, today, now.

Now such a moment has come for you.

Your day.

The day you get engaged into professional protest.

You become a volunteer in New Belarus.

Take small steps, and you will come to a big victory.

Long live Belarus!