5 March 2021, Friday, 13:12
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‘I Am Ready To Struggle To The End’: Belarusian Woman Responds To Karpenkou

‘I Am Ready To Struggle To The End’: Belarusian Woman Responds To Karpenkou

For the sake of the future of their children, mothers and fathers will not leave the streets.

The “Basta!” Telegram channel has published the heart cry of a reader:

- Hello, I listened to the ByPol leak, and the blood ran cold in my veins because of this inhumanity. However, their readiness to kill for the sake of retaining power was clear as early as August 9-11.

I am an ordinary Belarusian, I have 2 higher educations. In the future, I want to start a family and have children, but I can no longer live as before. After August 9, my life has changed forever.

In addition to going to marches, I decided for myself that until the victory I will give up many things.

I gave up buying clothes, getting manicures and haircuts. It just doesn't make sense when people are suffering. I gave up shopping and many groceries. I gave up going to cafes. Gifts don't make more sense, it is better to help those in need. And I am ready to give up many more things if it helps in our common struggle.

You know, the feeling of resentment and disappointment does not go anywhere when someone thinks that this does not concern everyone. The phrases “what will I feed the children with”, “let it be someone else, I will join later”, “I'll sit out” make me enraged.

And who will pay you pensions if the younger generation is repressed, or goes abroad? Are you sure that your child will not end up in dungeons sooner or later?

You know, the bright future is not in being able to feed yourself, but in freedom. And I’m ready to fight to the end, I’m ready to starve, and I will not leave the street. All for the sake of the future of your children, and someday mine.