5 March 2021, Friday, 13:16
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‘Authorities Do Everything To Set Workers On Strike’

‘Authorities Do Everything To Set Workers On Strike’

Belarusians are forced to work in medieval conditions.

A lot of messages from workers appear on the network that the temperature in the shops is only about +10 degrees, and in some enterprises it is generally slightly above zero, the “Basta!” Telegram channel writes.

People cannot work in these inhuman conditions all day long! Some “managers” have become so brutal that they forbid their employees to wear warm clothes, allegedly contrary to some norms. Doesn’t the temperature around zero in the working room contradict any standards ?!

The state has turned into a terrorist organization that has captured millions of people, closed the borders so that no one escapes, and forced to work in medieval conditions. And to live too, just remember the poisoned water, or even its absence in some neighbourhoods.

The state is doing everything to get the workers on strike. Can't you go on strike for political reasons? So let's go on strike against the working conditions like those in a fascist concentration camp! We must learn to fight for our rights!

In the video, the Minsk Tractor Plant workers are trying to warm up in the shop.