13 April 2021, Tuesday, 8:27
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

"Economic Damage to the Enemy Is Great Contribution to Our Business"

"Economic Damage to the Enemy Is Great Contribution to Our Business"

Let's go on strike!

Dmitry Kudelevich, a member of the strike committee of Belaruskali, published an appeal to the workers on the telegraph channel of the strike committee.

Dmitry Kudelevich urges more than 6000 workers, who put their signatures in August 2020 under the people's demands, to join the work-to-rule strike from midnight on January 19, as it has minimal risks and is effective;

to withdraw from the pro-government unions, which are essentially uninterested in defending the interests of workers and work for the regime's pocket;

to ignore the matches of the Soligorsk Shakhter, which signed a pro-government letter in support of the dictator.

"Everything depends on us, everything!

We all have a chance to get closer to a new life by taking a step.

It's criminal and wrong to think that I'm going to live differently when things change.

No, guys. We may step into the New Belarus with old wounds.

The economic damage to the ideological enemy is a great contribution to our business!

Let's start a work-to-rule strike!" said Dmitry Kudelievich.