8 March 2021, Monday, 2:35
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EU Sanctions Hit ‘Tabakerka’ Kiosks Owner Aleksin

EU Sanctions Hit ‘Tabakerka’ Kiosks Owner Aleksin

He no longer owns stakes in Energo-Oil and Belneftegaz.

Aliaksei Aleksin, the businessman close to the authorities, transferred key assets to his sons. He could have taken such measures under the threat of sanctions from the European Union, the website naviny.media writes.

Changes have taken place in the composition of the shareholders of Energo-Oil. The information is posted on the MTBank website, which is controlled by the businessman.

Until recently, Energo-Oil was owned by Aliaksei Aleksin (60%) and his wife Ina Aleksina (40%). In December, the businessman began to be mentioned among the candidates for getting into the EU sanctions list for supporting Lukashenka's regime, but at the last moment his name was deleted.

Aliaksei Aleksin resigned from the Energo-Oil shareholders. Now the company is owned by Ina Aleksina (20%), as well as her sons Vital Aleksin (40%) and Dzmitry Aleksin (40%).

Vital Aleksin plays in the amateur football league of Minsk for the Energo-Oil team. Dzmitry Aleksin, like his father, is engaged in business. Once he starred in the lead role in the video clip of the “Tyani-Tolkai” band. The presentation of the video took place on the shores of the Minsk Sea in the suburban hotel complex “Siabry”, which is a branch of Energo-Oil. But above all, this company is known for its network of “Tabakerka” tobacco kiosks.

Aliaksei Aleksin is actively developing the tobacco business in Belarus. Since June 2018, Energo-Oil has received the right to import tobacco products. Earlier, only the state-owned enterprise “Belarustorg” at the Presidential Affairs Administration imported tobacco products into the country. Since August 2018, Energo-Oil has become the exclusive distributor of the products of the Hrodna tobacco factory Nioman. In February 2020, Aliaksei Aleksin launched the Inter Tobacco tobacco factory, for the sake of which Lukashenka even changed the borders of Minsk.

The changes affected another key asset of the businessman - the Belneftegaz company. Previously, it was owned by Aliaksei Aleksin (60%) and Ina Aleksina (40%). Now the company belongs to the wife and children of a businessman. The shares are distributed as follows: Ina Aleksina - 20%, Vital Aleksin - 40%, Dzmitry Aleksin - 40%.

Belneftegaz is the National Operator of the BNGarant transit monitoring system. The system allows you to monitor the movement of vehicles and goods in real time. An electronic seal is placed on the truck, which is connected to the navigation system. BNGarant is integrated with the system of customs authorities.

The system was created by order of Lukashenka, and developed by Synesis Stigma. 74.95% in this company belongs to Belneftegaz. The remaining 25.05% are evenly distributed among IT entrepreneurs Nikolai Ptsitsyn, Aliaksandr Shatrou, and Piotr Shatrou.

By the way, the Synesis company they founded has already fallen under EU sanctions. According to Brussels, the Kipod platform for monitoring public safety developed by IT specialists is being used to suppress the civil society and democratic opposition in Belarus.

The company intends to appeal against the EU sanctions, but for now the word “Synesis” has been removed from the names of several legal entities. “Synesis Lotto” is now called “Ridotto”, “Synesis Atlas” - “Atlas Acme”, “Synesis Sky” - “Sky Knowlemit”.

The adoption of the fourth package of EU sanctions is expected soon. Restrictions can be introduced against businessmen and companies that were candidates for the third sanctions package.

Now EU sanctions are in force against 88 individuals who, according to Brussels, are responsible for rigging elections and reprisals against peaceful demonstrators. The list also includes seven enterprises that support the Lukashenka regime.