5 March 2021, Friday, 13:13
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Criminal Case Started Against Insane ‘Yabatka’ Who Attacked Doctor In Brest

Criminal Case Started Against Insane ‘Yabatka’ Who Attacked Doctor In Brest

The doctor had to take a sick leave due to a head injury.

On January 5, a 55-year-old man swore loudly, using foul language, and hit emergency paramedic Andrei Rakala in the face in the ER of the Brest Hospital. The moment was filmed in the video by the healthcare workers, who witnessed the incident. The paramedic got a closed head injury, and took a sick leave. As tut.by reports with a reference to the police, a criminal case has been started against the assailant.

According to the video, the man was using foul language and said the following to the paramedic:

- Hear that? Against Lukashenka? What, you don't believe me? Are you a doctor today? You were against Lukashenka yesterday... After these words, he hit the paramedic in the face.

“A conflict regarding political views occurred between the patient and the emergency brigade. Upon arrival, the Brest resident hit one paramedic first, outside, and another in the hall. A police officer put an end to the patient’s escapade,” the MIA reports.

Paramedic Andrei Rakala told before that on January 6, the emergency station received a phone call from the police, informing that there was a man with the signs of alcohol intoxication lying on a bus stop in Brest. Andrei’s brigade went for him. The paramedics led the man into the ambulance vehicle.

- He didn’t want to go to hospital. However, we cannot leave a person with traumas and signs of alcohol intoxication lying in the street in winter - we are obliged to deliver them to a hospital. He refused. He refused to undergo the medical examination either. The police officers didn’t come with us.

The paramedic recalls that it was a difficult ride: the 55-year-old man “resisted, used foul language, tried to get out of the car”. The paramedics were holding him back to prevent him from causing himself injuries.

- He kept on saying that he loved Lukashenka, the police, what a great job all of them were doing. We just kept silence, not saying anything at all in response, - Andrei tells. He claims that paramedics never enter any arguments or debates with drunk or inadequate patients, and normally don’t talk much with patients - only certain remarks concerning their condition.

The paramedics delivered the man to the hospital, and there he first hit one of them in the leg, Andrei says. They had to call the police.

- A district police officer arrived. He said he would take a statement from our paramedic. She was testifying in the patients' examination room, and we were standing in the corridor. This man was in the neighbouring patients' examination room, a traumatologist was examining him there. Suddenly, at some moment, he ran out, started swearing, and hit me in the face, - the doctor recalls.

Andrei had a head injury, and was forced to take a sick leave.

As later the assailant, 55-year-old Mikalai, said, he was in Brest on January 5. He was drunk, “fell down at a bus stop, broke my head,” and ended up in the hospital ER. That's where the conversation took place.

- This is my policy, I stand for the current power, for Lukashenka. What is there that they (the protesters) lack today? We have a normal life here!

Mikalai used to work as a school bus driver. After the incident, he was fired.

Now a criminal case has been started against him over hooliganism.