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Mass media: Vitsebsk Prosecutor Detained

Mass media: Vitsebsk Prosecutor Detained
Photo: Vitebsk Vesti

Several unrelated sources report it.

According to unconfirmed official information, the city prosecutor, 48-year-old Yury Ramanouski, has been detained in Vitsebsk. Several unrelated sources informed tut.by.

- Vitsebsk prosecutor Yury Ramanouski was detained while taking a bribe at the workplace. KGB officers detained him. Ramanouski was taken to Minsk," a source in the city Prosecutor's Office told tut.by.

One source claims the detention happened on Friday, January 22. The other one told it had happened earlier last week.

On Wednesday, the reception room of Vitsebsk Prosecutor's Office informed that "Yury Uladzimiravich is absent. An acting prosecutor is at the place".

Acting Vitsebsk prosecutor Kiryl Dubau (earlier - Ramanouski's deputy) denied any comments.

The website of Vitsebsk Prosecutor's Office provides no information about the position of the prosecutor. On Friday, January 22, Ramanouski's name was still on the website.

Tut.by tried to get official comments from representatives of the regional Prosecutor's Office, the General Prosecutor's Office, the regional Department of the Investigative Committee and the KGB. No one answered.

Senior Counselor of Justice Yury Ramanouski was appointed prosecutor of Vitsebsk on May 7, 2013.

He has served in the Prosecutor's Office of Vitsebsk region since January 2000. He worked as an assistant, senior assistant to the prosecutor of Kastrychnitsky district of Vitsebsk; prosecutor, senior prosecutor of the department of supervision over operational and investigative activities and inquiries of the regional prosecution office; senior assistant to the regional prosecutor for supervision over the legality of execution of criminal sanctions; head of the department of the regional prosecution office for supervision over the legality of execution of criminal sanctions; prosecutor of the Pershamaiski district of Vitsebsk.