20 October 2021, Wednesday, 22:42
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"Young Radiologist Fainted And Wasn't Able To Come To Work For Several Days"

"Young Radiologist Fainted And Wasn't Able To Come To Work For Several Days"

A shocking report about the collapse of medicine because of COVID-19 in a town in Belarus.

The junta is too short-handed to control everything. Either covid or other diseases. If to control the other diseases, covid will destroy everything.

The junta has driven all Belarusians into a terrible dead end with its arrogance, ignorance, and covid dissidence. The collapse of medicine is not somewhere out there, over the hills and far away. It's already here, writes the Nick and Mike telegram channel.

More and more often, doctors have to deny hospitalization to those who need it for the trivial reason of having no beds. Even if hospitalization is carried out, it is not guaranteed that the hospital will have specialists who are ready to help. They simply are not available.

A reader of the telegram channel has sent a scary message from a small Belarusian town.

"My mother-in-law's neighbor started showing signs of covid, he called an ambulance. They came, examined him, but... made a helpless gesture. There were no beds anywhere in the hospital, the paramedic looked around ruefully, sighed, and left.

A day later the man started to feel really bad, again the ambulance came and it was the same scenario, only the doctor of the brigade came out with his wife and said: "Alas, I can't help, try to find a place yourself through connections and acquaintances. He will not survive without the life support. A usual family, they have worked on the collective farm all their life. What kind of connections are there? As a result, he died the next day.

Another case, a young man, 35 years old. He was hospitalized, but during the entire time he got no help at all, no one even bothered to come close to him. In the end the same sad ending, but the wife screamed blue murder. You will be shocked, the investigator wanted to get some information, but there was not even a medical record.

At night they were writing cards, tests. A corpse was x-rayed at night for the record, which made the young radiologist faint and she couldn't come to work for a few days.

Our call is the following: wear masks, get vaccinated ("Sputnik" or Lithuania/Poland/Georgia/Turkey, there are vaccination tours to Lviv), work remotely and prepare for the strike. Your health is first and foremost!