20 October 2021, Wednesday, 22:35
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Opinion: Belarusian Workers Have Most Effective Remedy

Opinion: Belarusian Workers Have Most Effective Remedy

It's time to cure the main disease of Belarus.

The Basta! telegram channel shared a subscriber's opinion on the national strike:

- They say: everything is held in place by one man. But I doubt it. Maybe it all is done by those who support that one man. And they would like to be able to enjoy being powerful now, and then give a warm smile and remind us who it's all been holding by.

Everyone will have to take responsibility for themselves. It didn't start with just one man. There have always and everywhere been enough different vices and people who succumb to them. What has happened in our country is that vices have been called virtues, and dishonest people have been multiplied up in costs by many times. The masses of crooks have found each other.

And it's not just one person who is to blame.

Yet not millions, either.

All the guilty will fit into one palace, and there will be even some space left. Our task is to put them all there.

Not by force, of course. We have something just as effective.

A general strike is stronger than machine guns. It's time to cure the disease.

Let there be a strike!