17 January 2022, Monday, 9:42
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BOR: Soon Supporters Of "Blue Fingers" Will Be Watching Empty Shops

BOR: Soon Supporters Of "Blue Fingers" Will Be Watching Empty Shops

The day when we all stay home is near.

The rector of the Academy of Management said that in order to enter, students will need a recommendation from local bodies and a special interview to select "real patriots," writes the Telegram channel of the Belarusian Association of Workers (BOR).

Wonderful news! Your brains, dear students, no one needs, you just have to be ideologically committed "Aryans". With such a disposition, all informers will be given the position of director or minister. And then it's just a step away to the final ruin.

Yet there is a nuance. Even the accomplices of the regime are not that loyal. First they vote for a wrong person, then they make the wrong comments in social networks or even create gray schemes, or they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. In a word, it is horrible. But, as the saying goes, even a mangy sheep’s good for a little wool.

But the workers don't need such managers and colleagues. No one even wants to sit at the same table with them. No one wants such specialists. Their skills boil down to sycophancy, fingering and honey-traps. And for managing an enterprise (not to mention an entire country) this is just not enough.

Dear employees of enterprises and factories, stock up on food and household chemicals. The day, when we all stay at home and leave all the informants and sycophants alone with the enterprises all over the country, is near. We will stay at home having a great time with our families, reading books and developing ourselves. And all the ideologists and supporters of the blue fingeres will be horrified to see empty factories and shutdown equipment that they won't even be able to start up. And we don't give a damn about that.

Let there be a strike!