1 February 2023, Wednesday, 23:09
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No One Hears Bluefingered One

No One Hears Bluefingered One

We can bring the day of the junta's end closer.

The migration crisis on the external borders of Belarus is having effects, but not as much as the junta hoped.

And now the big brother of the junta is starting to call on Europe to sit down at the negotiating table with the blue-fingered terrorist, because no one hears the blue-fingered one.

To complete the absurdity of the alternative reality picture, the Russian Foreign Ministry, following the junta, starts claiming that the migration crisis was provoked by the West to put pressure on Belarus. However, three questions remain: how migrants materialize in Minsk (is there a portal in Iraq?), who gives them tourist visas en masse and does not monitor compliance with the regime of stay in Belarus, and why Belarusian border guards calmly observe and even help them to cross the border.

I guess the flight with the powder of happiness has reached the Russian Foreign Ministry after all. The funny thing is that by calling on Europe to negotiate with the blue-fingered one, the Kremlin itself confirms its involvement in this crisis. In the meantime, they keep stampng visas in the bundles of passports.

In Europe, however, the attitude towards the methods of solving the situation has changed. One does not negotiate with terrorists, and one does with criminals, but in a courtroom.

So instead of negotiations, there will be sanctions.

And they may in fact prove to be more severe than the previous ones. The main goal is to combat illegal migration and smuggling. We will not disclose details, but we will say that all those involved in the organization of illegal migration and their families may be put on the sanctions list. After all, it happens quite often that the head of a border guard unit sends migrants to Lithuania, while his wife goes to the same Vilnius to store, and his son is educated, for instance, in Warsaw. The new approach may be painful.

It will also be even more fun for Belavia, which may lose the leasing and maintenance of its fleet. And even changing its name or merging with another airline will not help much in evading sanctions. And not long ago, in the course of informal contacts, the junta offered to "exchange" the lifting of bans on Belavia's flights to Europe for a reduction in the flow of illegal migrants. According to Josi, such bargaining can no longer take place.

In general, the junta itself provokes new sanctions, which cease to be symbolic, and the continuing covid dissidence, pressure on civil society (for example, the ecological initiatives that managed to raise the problem to the world level), balancing on the edge with the remnants of "independent" trade unions create additional risks on the part of international organizations.

And the crux of the biscuit: in the first decade of December, the American sanctions will begin to work.

We should remind you that all of this will stop as soon as the reason for the sanctions - the junta - disappears. We can bring that day closer. Wear masks, get vaccinated and stay home if you don't want to get stuck in a body bag.

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