30 November 2021, Tuesday, 21:56
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Regime Repeats Coronavirus Experiment

Regime Repeats Coronavirus Experiment
Illustration Photo: TASS

The epidemiological crisis can be the most difficult for the authorities.

The Letters to Daughter Telegram channel writes about the repetition of the coronavirus experiment by the regime:

- Yesterday, the Medical Solidarity Foundation published a report on the state of affairs with Covid. And, according to this report, in Minsk alone, twice as many cases of diseases are registered every day than the Ministry of Health gives throughout the country.

And the daily mortality rate is at least ten times higher. And worst of all, the shortage of medical personnel has grown to 10,000 from 3,000 a year and a half ago.

That's pretty much how you and I imagined it. That is why the report was not prepared for us but the European Union. To accompany the appeal of Tsikhanouskaya, Latushka, and other extremists to provide Belarus with Western vaccines.

And it seems to me that this is, in fact, a very important appeal. When the EU approves the release of the vaccine, the Belarusian authorities, who refused the gift in the most insulting way, will find themselves in a very uncomfortable position.

The contrast is too striking. On the one hand, there are extremists, who care about everyone's health. On the other hand, there are the Belarusian authorities, who are concerned about their own adamant image in their own eyes.

You will, of course, say that the Belarusian authorities have long ceased to care about their reputation in the eyes of the subordinate population. That concern for reputation is for weaklings burdened with outdated moral principles and rules of decency.

And I'll tell you that the epidemiological topic is many times more sensitive than any other. Because here we are not talking about abstract concepts like fair elections, justice, or common sense.

And that the state in a defiant manner ignores its main function - ensuring the safety of citizens. And, which is typical, the danger threatens everyone equally, regardless of their internal political convictions.

This epidemiological crisis could potentially become the most difficult crisis for the Belarusian authorities this year. Worse than migrants or plane landing.

Do not even take into account its moral and political consequences. Simply, if the health care system fails and breaks down, then this can be the beginning of a chain reaction. Because the economy will break down behind it, and then all stability.

And I must say that the Belarusian authorities are doing a lot to ensure that the health care system has more difficulties, and fewer opportunities to cope with them.

Last spring, some people advised treating invisible viruses with vodka and a tractor. And four months later, the presidential campaign took place, during which the level of public and political activity in the country increased slightly. And the Belarusian authorities themselves called Covid the main reason for their troubles. Together with the puppeteers, the intrigues of the Western intelligence services, and the Dulles plan.

Now the authorities are introducing an anti-mask regime and denying the subordinate population access to Western vaccines. And at the same time, just in four months, they are going to hold some kind of referendum for themselves.

That is, one might say, they are repeating last year's experiment. Experiments must always be repeated to confirm the results obtained.

I see no reason for their experiment to fail this time. On the one hand, the situation with the epidemic is worse than it was last year, and on the other, additional stimulating factors in the form of Western puppeteers are still there. Quite the opposite.

Due to the efforts of Belarusian diplomacy, the number of irritated puppeteers is growing day by day.