17 January 2022, Monday, 9:29
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Valer Tsepkala's Vibrant Address.

Valer Tsepkala's Vibrant Address.

The former presidential candidate of Belarus has supported the call of the workers to go on strike.

Former presidential candidate Valer Tsepkala supported the call of workers to go on strike and explained why we all must stay home on November 1.

- As you know, Belarusian Association of Workers has declared a strike starting from November 1. In connection with this decision, I would like to speak in support of those who contributed to this serious step, as well as, of course, those who plan to support the strike and stay home <...>, - addressed Valer Tsepkala.

- We turned his (Lukashenka's - note) mean nature inside out. And there it was: frightened, sweating, shaking with fear. Especially when the workers of MZKT told him: "Leave!" <...> This is a ghoul, planted in our country as a test. It's time for all of us, all of us without exception, to say, "Enough is enough!" For the workers from whom he takes money, leaving only kopecks. For the doctors, whom he has abandoned to the whims of fate during the pandemic. For the law enforcers, whose uniforms he disgraced with the hands of the sadists in your ranks. For the teachers whom he used in falsifications for the illegal usurpation of power. The employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, whom he humiliated by forcing to deal with socks on balconies. And the veterans whose decorations and medals he insulted. We must put an end to this, all of us!

We will win anyway. This story has no other option, it can have no other end," said Valer Tsepkala.