18 January 2022, Tuesday, 2:21
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Opinion: Lukashenka Sets Putin Up Deliberately

Opinion: Lukashenka Sets Putin Up Deliberately

The Kremlin head has refused to have a face-to-face meeting against the background of the unhinged statements made by the illegitimate ruler.

Yesterday, Lukashenka met with the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. The formal reason for Russia was the absolute amorphousness of the regime to any requests from Moscow, writes the CYNIC telegram channel.

Unofficially, however, the question of the mysterious suicide by asphyxiation (strangulation) of the hitman of a former Russian banker came up.

Lukashenka ignored these 2 cases and told his 3.

1) He said that November 4 would be another important step toward integration.

However, as the analysts have predicted, the meeting will be held online.

Moreover, they are trivially unprepared for it. The action plans are sitting in a closet, so they will sign something uncomprehended in an incomprehensible format. The signatures of Lukashenka are illegitimate, and the online signatures are doubly illegitimate. Putin is going to Sevastopol on the 4th to celebrate "people's unity". Lukashenka and his "action plans" have been seen as a betrayal, so Lukashenka will not get a sack of gold.

2) The second point of discussion was the migrant crisis. It was discussed rather specifically, because Luka reported the stunning information - Polish "Leopard" tanks would drive over the crowds of migrants. And they will drive in such a way, that the clanking caterpillars will be heard even in the Kremlin, that is why it is urgent to respond very harshly.

3) Lukashenka, knowing about the "Geneva deal" on the absence of an aggressive foreign policy on the part of the Kremlin, deliberately voices and implements the ultimatum. He says that his troops will be drawn to the border to attack NATO, yet at the same time he threatens Europe with Russian troops that will go ahead.

This is a military provocation, since it is on the absence of external aggression and restrained policy that the compromise between the West and Russia is built, but Luka deliberately sets Putin up by publishing threats to the European Union on his behalf. In fact, after such a "contract" and "contact" between the U.S. and Russia may be broken through the fault of Lukashenka (but it will not be - the West knows the zero value of Lukashenka's statements), who for some reason reports that Russia will fight NATO and "Polish leopards".