28 November 2021, Sunday, 20:55
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

"Yabatkas Wonder the Most Why One Fires Them"

"Yabatkas Wonder the Most Why One Fires Them"

Russian oligarchs have already divided Belarusian plants among themselves.

Mass layoffs have seized Belarusian enterprises, writes the telegraph channel of the Belarusian Association of Workers (BAW).

People are subject to dismissal, regardless of regalia, experience, or political views. Yabatkas wonder the most why one fires them. Why has one not started with Zmagars (adherents to changes)? There is a simple answer - privatisation.

It is no secret that Russian oligarchs have already divided plants among themselves. Their delegations visit the factories for a year and price them out.

They will dismiss everyone. And what do you think? They will do business here, won't they? Will they encourage competition? They don't need that. They want cheap land. It's our land.

Ordinary workers are between the rock and a hard place. They want a peaceful life. But they won't get it. The time has come to fight for jobs, enterprises, wages, the right to live, our future.

We were silent for 26 years. As a result, it was not enough. Apolitical attitude and indifference have done their job. Now the problems of the "strangers" have become the problems of everyone.

Stay at home.

Go on strike, Belarus!