28 November 2021, Sunday, 21:06
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Migrants Dug Trenches And Dugouts On Polish Border

Migrants Dug Trenches And Dugouts On Polish Border

This is how a morning in the border forest looks like.

Political analyst Andrei Suzdaltsev has posted a video of what a morning looks like in the border forest near the Polish border.

Illegal migrants have dug trenches and dugouts at the border.

We remind that on November 8, the Lukashenka regime arranged a large scale provocation on the Polish border. Thousands of migrants under the control of Belarusian special services stormed the border of Poland. The Polish side reports that up to 10 thousand illegal immigrants may take part in the next storming of the border.

On November 15, the Belarusian military drove the illegal immigrants under escort from their camp on the border with Poland to the Bruzhi - Kuznica checkpoint at the border.

On November 16, the migrants stormed the Polish border.