28 November 2021, Sunday, 21:02
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Migrants Wound Polish Soldier When Breaking Through Border Under Control Of Belarusian Special Services

Migrants Wound Polish Soldier When Breaking Through Border Under Control Of Belarusian Special Services

About 30 illegal migrants entered the territory of Poland, but were detained.

A group of more than 100 aggressive foreigners tried to break through the Polish border by force. Stones were thrown at Polish border guards. Everything happened under the supervision of the Belarusian border guards armed with long-barreled weapons. One Polish soldier was injured, TVP reported.

“There were two attempts to illegally cross the border in Mielnik. At about 20.30 a group of 40 migrants tried to enter Polish territory. About 30 foreigners entered the territory of our country. The attackers threw stones and pieces of wood at officers and soldiers. One of the soldiers sustained a head injury. He received medical assistance,” said Anna Michalskaya, spokesperson for the Polish Border Service.

She said that a group of 30 people who broke into Polish territory were detained. These persons were instructed to leave the Polish territory; they were escorted to the border.

Then another group, about 30 people, attacked Polish officers and soldiers.

“Apart from stones and pieces of wood, they threw firecrackers. This group managed to enter the territory of Poland, but they were all detained,” the spokesperson for the Border Service assured.

A massive attack on the Polish border also took place in the Dubiczy-Cerkovny area. At about 8 pm, a group of more than 100 illegal migrants tried to get into Polish territory.

“These people were very aggressive, they threw stones at the Polish officers, threw bridges over the barbed wire fence, the migrants cut down elements of the fence. All this was done with the help of the Belarusian soldiers,” said Anna Michalskaya.

As a result of these attacks, more than 100 migrants managed to penetrate into Polish territory.

“Judging by our data, these were mostly Iraqi citizens. All these people were detained right at the border line, instructed to leave the Polish territory and taken to the border,” she said.

Two of those detained on Polish territory complained of poor health.

“These are two Iraqi citizens. One of the men said that his leg hurt, the other said that he felt bad. They called for medical help. They were taken to the hospital. These people are in good condition, nothing threatens their health and life,” Michalskaya said.