25 January 2022, Tuesday, 20:17
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‘White Coats’: Incidence Of Children Sharply Grows In Belarus

‘White Coats’: Incidence Of Children Sharply Grows In Belarus

Take care of yourself and your children.

The White Coats report that the incidence among children has risen to a record high after the school holidays ended.

This is not about the coronavirus infection, or at least not only about it. However, children get sick en masse. Here are the messages that the Telegram channel received from all over Belarus:

“A children's clinic on Zhamchuzhnaya street, the city of Homel faced an unprecedented influx of new patients. There are constant queues at the clinic, which is exacerbated by the shortage of pediatricians in the health care institution. Teachers from Homel write that a lot of children are sick.”

“In one of the Minsk schools, according to the reports of our readers (information received from the school nurse) 61% of students have received medical certificates this week. School staff are sounding the alarm and outraged why the school is not being quarantined. Children get sick with a high fever, but those few who run a test for covid, get a negative result.

“School #105 of the city of Minsk: in one of the classes of an elementary school, out of 24 people, only three attend classes, the rest are ill. Teachers also get sick en masse.”

“Hrodna is also witnessing an increase in the incidence of children, including serious coronavirus infections. A small number of deaths in children have also been reported. For ethical reasons, we cannot give more detailed information,” writes the Telegram channel.