27 January 2022, Thursday, 2:03
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Belarusian Authorities Were Getting Ready For Certain Sanctions, But They Got Different Ones

Belarusian Authorities Were Getting Ready For Certain Sanctions, But They Got Different Ones

And those others turned out to be not so comfortable.

Hey, kid.

I have to tell you, I'm a little puzzled and even a little disappointed. I absolutely do not understand why the Belarusian authorities have dragged feet for so many days with a tough or, at least, adequately asymmetric response to the Western sanctions. There was no point in postponing to Monday what could have been responded to on Friday.

And don't tell me now that they needed a little more time to think up a response. Because everybody had been warned about the sanctions and there was plenty of time to prepare. The Belarusian Foreign Ministry has written its answer in advance. It would have been effective if the Belarusian authorities had responded asymmetrically, but adequately and firmly the very next day. Instead of saying that the best answer is to strengthen the discipline. They could have threatened to increase crop and milk yields, too.

And it seems to me that the Belarusian authorities had been preparing for some sanctions, but got different ones. And these others turned out to be not as comfortable as the Belarusian authorities had planned. The Belarusian Prime Minister even had to explain that the sanctions were wrong at all. That these illiterate people in the West do not know how to impose them properly. Before preparing the next sanctions package, it seems that the developers must consult with the experts from the Belarusian government. At least they will know which sanctions are right. But since they have not consulted this time, the government has to choose between an adequate, tough and asymmetric response.

It seems that the Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs, in fact, has decided to play a trump card. He used to scare the West that in response to the sanctions the authorities would bomb Voronezh. But now there is not much left of Voronezh, so the minister decided to scare with threats to the Belarusian statehood.

And there must be some powerful logic in his words, but unfortunately, I am not able to comprehend it. Because it seems a bit strange to me to frighten with loss of our statehood the rascals, who have been encroaching on it for more than a year by various hybrid methods. They have even quietly driven migrants from Kurdistan to the Polish border for the sake of this. And to my mind, it is naive to expect that after the words of the Belarusian minister these shameless people would suddenly repent.

When the Belarusian authorities started dealing for a rise in order to make the West like them, they had symbolic sanctions imposed against their certain representatives. And it was possible to sit straight, without attracting too much attention to themselves. And it was even possible to act out something constructive. For example, to leave Voronezh alone. And, quite possibly, the Belarusian authorities would have had some kind of dialogue instead of the new sanctions. And there would have been no need to travel to Stockholm to talk to imaginary interlocutors, whose names are not to be disclosed anyway.

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