18 January 2022, Tuesday, 7:05
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Graceful Self-Shot With Spanish Jamon And Polish Apples

Graceful Self-Shot With Spanish Jamon And Polish Apples

What do Belarusians think about the "counter-sanctions" of the authorities?

The regime decided to leave Belarusians without imported products, calling it "counter-sanctions". From January 1, the ban includes meat and dairy products, fruits, vegetables, confectionery, salt and other categories of products from the EU, USA, Canada, Norway, Albania, Iceland, North Macedonia, Great Britain, Montenegro and Switzerland.

The website Charter97.org looked at what Belarusians think about the "counter-sanctions" of the authorities:

"What can I say. Apparently, coupons will be introduced again soon, as in the early 90s. The worse the better."

"At the same time, Lukashenka is vaccinated with Pfizer, does not drive Zhiguli, and eats caviar."

"And what are we going to do? Again herring under a fur coat, jacket potatoes, and vegetables under mayonnaise. Cockroach, I hope you die with the last strike of the clock."

"What will the owner of the Korona Mall do with his areas?"

"Ban Norwegian fish, too: salmon, trout, herring! Let the company "Santa" of Mashensky-the-bootlicker work with bream and carp! "

"They have lost their minds. I know that the supply of Nivea cosmetics has been stopped in Belarus. Earlier, at least Belarusians could go to Poland and buy, for example, household chemicals, as domestic ones are rubbish. Now it's done . Eat your domestic food yourself, where there is no quality at all."

"They'll have to either lay off workers at meat processing plants and dairies, or send them at their own expense, since without Polish meat and milk powder it will be problematic for them to load the entire staff of workers. Or they will cut staff."

"I didn't think that a pistol that would make such a graceful self-shot would be loaded with Spanish jamon and Polish apples".

"Will there be no Belarusian pineapples? What will bulldozers press in the Pskov and Smolensk regions? "

"We'll see empty shelves again soon."

"Again, special distributors with imported products for the nomenclature and security forces, and Biarozka stores for foreign currency."

"Hello to Euroopt ... and goodbye."

"The country is running out of currency. It has already been decided not to spend it on imported goods. And in order to "keep the head", having shit one's pants, they called it "counter-sanctions", - write the readers of the website Charter97.org.