23 April 2021, Friday, 16:44
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"97% Of Staff In Favor Of Changes - Boss Is In Panic"

"97% Of Staff In Favor Of Changes - Boss Is In Panic"

The workers of the Maladzechna water service company do not stop struggling with the regime.

A reader of the Basta! telegram channel has described the ongoing struggle at the Maladzechna water service company:

- In the organization itself, at least 97% of the workers are in favor of changes. Earlier, the workers expressed their civic position by decorating their work car with a national flag. The bosses of course tried to nip it in the bud, so that no one outside the organization would know about it. But they did not succeed.

The next car was spray-painted. The bosses were in panic. Later, they hung the national flag in the canteen. And after that, the KGB came with an inspection. All the bosses were, as the former president says, bent down, and some of them, apparently, had to bent more than once.

This shows just how cowardly these people are. The bosses are now afraid of both the workers and the police. The ideologist is in panic, he had put about a rumour among the workers that he supposedly voted for Tsikhanouskaya, but in fact he is just an outstanding opportunist.