10 April 2021, Saturday, 21:19
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“The Apartment with the Flag Held Out Stoically”: How the Brave Belarusian “Got the Lukashists on Their Toes”

“The Apartment with the Flag Held Out Stoically”: How the Brave Belarusian “Got the Lukashists on Their Toes”

A resident of Pirs hung out the national flag on the balcony - and the "cockroaches" ran around, not knowing what to do.

Since yesterday evening, unusual events in the Pirs residential quarter near Minsk have been discussed on the Web: one of the residents hung a white-red-white flag on the balcony; when unknown people appeared near the house, he did not remove the flag and refused to open the door, and, after a while, a tow truck drove up to the house and took away the tenant's car. An aerial platform came to take off the flag this morning, but in the end, the owner did it himself.

One of the residents of the Pirs quarter told tut.by that flags were hung that evening not only in this apartment. But information appeared from somewhere about the visit of unknown persons, and people removed the symbols.

- This apartment alone held out stoically, - an eyewitness to yesterday’s events tells us. - The unknown did not get there, they were on duty under the windows in the car. Our district police officer was also there. The tenants did not open the door for them. Around ten in the evening, a tow truck arrived. Residents of the quarter, about 30-40 people, went out into the yard, some just ran out in nightgowns. No one could answer questions about what was happening ... We were all filmed with built-in cameras. Well, we filmed them with our phones.

Another resident of the quarter said that the car was eventually taken away at 23.44. The car was parked in a parking space belonging to the owners of the apartment with the flag.

- We called the police, said that the traffic police officers did not introduce themselves, their badges were turned over, but no one responded to the call.

The journalists managed to talk with the tenant of the very apartment, who introduced himself as Illia. He said that at about seven o'clock in the evening yesterday, some people arrived in the yard. The owner of the apartment went out onto the balcony. From below, some unknown persons began to shout: “Young man from the third floor, go out to talk. Did you fly the flag?"

- I replied that I hung out the flag. They asked if I knew that I was breaking some kind of law. I did not deny and told them to draw up a protocol and summon me. I will come and answer all questions, give any explanations. To this, they answered: “We understood you,” and that was all. No further action was taken. For four hours, they sat in the car near the entrance. Then a tow truck arrived, loaded the car, and drove it away.

In the morning, in the vestibule where Illia's apartment is located, they turned off the light and started knocking on the door.

- I ask who knocks - they don't answer. I suspect the police. The key point in all this - I did not hear any demands, only proposals to go out, go to the department to talk. I reasonably refused. And then we had a silent confrontation - neither they nor I had demands.

Only after the aerial platform was driven into the yard, Illia removed the flag.