23 April 2021, Friday, 16:56
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"Old Office Fox Miasnikovich Pushed Back Against Lukashenka"

"Old Office Fox Miasnikovich Pushed Back Against Lukashenka"

Has the seasoned official shift his ground?

While Lukashenka was debating the prospects of the Belarusian bicycle industry (during today's visit to Matavela - ed. ), more precisely, of the screwdriver assembly (or disassembly) of Chinese components for subsequent sending them to Russia at throwaway prices, old office fox Miasnikovich, who knows how to shift his ground like nobody else, along with the EAEU, took a huge toll on the execution of the "helmsman's" instruction on the mandatory share of Belarusian-made goods in trade networks, the Nick and Mike telegram channel writes.

Old one, you should sometimes read what you sign... Otherwise, these little reminders will often pop up. Our Eastern partner seems to have decided to use the potential of the multi-party to remind the pathological liar, suffering from extreme selective amnesia, of certain obligations.

Maestro, bravo! Hats off to the face of the final re-shifting of the ground. It's the Soviet school. Bureaucratic skills are like riding a bike. It’s really a shame that the skills are not the same as the decency.

By the way, the prospects of bicycle construction, as for "sharyki" (Minsk bearing factory) or for Sharyk are... In general, equally unenviable. It's just that the old one has not yet figured out to whom to give the tidbit of land for the development.