14 April 2021, Wednesday, 14:47
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The Cockroach Is Already in Very Bad Shape: There Is a New Confirmation

The Cockroach Is Already in Very Bad Shape: There Is a New Confirmation

Will he make it to the dock?

There was another confirmation that the old man was in really bad shape. Yesterday, he lost it at Motovelo and almost word for word repeated his orphan story about how some scoundrels are conducting an investigation about his palace, the Nick and Mike Telegram channel writes.

At first, I thought it was some kind of deja vu. Putin's palace, his own ... 7x8 meters in the village. Well, at least in the end, as usual, he got carried away and moved away from the memorized text.

And about the "family contracts" of bicycle builders - it is also epic. Someone wants to become an astronaut, someone a doctor, and someone - to build bicycles on the Motovelo with a screwdriver. All 120 people! We'll live happily!

Well, in general, the concept is fantastic. The general's child will be a general. The child of an official is an official. The president's child is the president. Well, the child of a factory worker is a proletarian. Yes, and these castes can be fixed so that the blood of the people of the sovereign, God forbid, does not mix with the proletarian.

If only one collective farmer remained a collective farmer. Desirable with all his, as the people say, "heura" ("gang" in Belarusian).

In short, Natasha (Eismant - ed.), please watch the old man and give him pills in time. Belarus still needs him. In the dock.