15 April 2021, Thursday, 7:15
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Media: They Have Counted $ 5 Million to the Owner of the Green Retail Chain for Leaving the Jail

Media: They Have Counted $ 5 Million to the Owner of the Green Retail Chain for Leaving the Jail
Henadz Kireikau
Photo: tut.by

Sources say that the amount has already begun to be collected.

Henadz Kireikau, a large businessman, co-founder of the Rapa company, was detained in early February.

According to rumors in business circles, the real reason for the detention of Kireikau, the subsequent threats, and sanctions against the company was the active position of individual managers of the Green network, who took an active part in protests against lawlessness and election fraud.

Could it be that the company really refused to take goods from particular state producers for sale? Some interlocutors of Nasha Niva admit such a possibility but wonder what the crime could be.

How are things at Green? No store is known to have closed. Informed sources even say Green has expansion plans.

And they have already said “the amount for the release” to Henadz Kireikau, as his relatives say - and they began to collect it.

“It is a common practice when a businessman is told the "ransom" amount. They can write it on a piece of paper, they can say it "officially" for "compensation for damage" within the framework of the Criminal Code. They can “count” something for almost any large-scale businessman; everyone lives in Belarus, realizing that such a day may come,” sources from business circles explain.

In the case of Kireikau, the amount is said to be $ 5 million.

Nevertheless, the arrest of the businessman has already hit the construction site of a shopping and entertainment complex on the site of the Chervenski market.

As far as we know, in connection with the detention of the main shareholder, construction is losing momentum.

A photographer from Nasha Niva met the workers, but there weren't many of them.

Photo: Nasha Niva

The construction of the shopping and entertainment complex was supposed to begin in 2013 when small entrepreneurs were expelled from the site.

Photo: Nasha Niva

However, several developers, not showing zeal in construction, one after another were deprived of this site, until in 2019 Rapa and the Kim brothers bought the company, which received the right to develop.

The shopping and entertainment complex should appear already in 2023.