15 April 2021, Thursday, 7:52
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Slonim Activist: Lukashenka's System Has No Future

Slonim Activist: Lukashenka's System Has No Future
Viktar Marchyk

The situation is hopeless for the authorities.

The Charter97.org website talked about the situation in the regions with Viktar Marchyk, an activist of the European Belarus civil campaign from Slonim.

- Do people in the regions feel the deterioration of the economic situation in the country on their wallets?

- Yes, of course, people have already begun to feel but not yet fully. They will fully feel it when pensions will be delayed, wages will fall, prices will rise, and the Belarusian ruble will fall. So far, this is only felt in prices: communal apartments and various goods in stores. However, people already know that nothing good is expected and that it will be even worse. Someone purchases products in advance. People are trying to spend the Belarusian ruble buying in bulk for the future in cheaper stores.

- How does this affect the protest mood?

- In principle, people had a bad attitude towards the authorities before that. Now it will get worse. Whatever the authorities do, whatever they say, people begin to see clearly. They see what is going on around because the information comes from the Internet, and the common man has something to compare things with. There is a protest mood.

Naturally, under this system of power, nothing will change for the better, it will only worsen since in 26 years, practically, no airbags have been created. Everything was plundered by senior management. I think if Lukashenka is not helped by his friend Putin, then shortly, we can expect the devaluation of the ruble. If he gives him something, then Lukashenka will have to sell some part of Belarus. Such a development of the situation may delay the end of the regime by 5-6 months, but still, the situation is hopeless. The system that is currently operating in Belarus has no future.