16 May 2021, Sunday, 22:24
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Everything Is Burning Behind the Back, And They Are Fishing

Everything Is Burning Behind the Back, And They Are Fishing
Photo: Kurjer.info

Why are the Belarusian authorities a fisherman from Slutsk?

The Letters to Daughter Telegram channel commented on the authorities' attempts to bargain with the West:

- The Belarusian authorities have found themselves in the position of a player who, in order to stay in the game, needs to raise rates all the time. Maybe the enemy will not be able to stand it and will fold the cards. Because there is nothing more to count on. You can't play much with a pair of twos. In the end, after 2010, it worked out that way. They took the hostages, then released them, and as a result, there was a net profit. Well, it's not like they will release Tikhanouski, Babaryka, or Kalesnikava now.

But, of course, it is very doubtful that the past schemes will be of any use to the authorities now. First, because everything has gone too far, and the reputation of the Belarusian authorities has sunk into the area of negative values. Nobody wants to do business with them even without sanctions, like Helm AG, which suspended contracts with Hrodna Azot or Yara, which is still in no hurry to sign a new contract with Belaruskali. The Belarusian authorities have become too contagious. You can get so sick that no PR agency will cure you.

And secondly, and most importantly, because there is some difference between the situation in 2011 and now. Because despite all the crises, ten years ago, few doubted the stability and reliability of the position of the Belarusian authorities. And if the government still does not go anywhere in the foreseeable future, no matter how disgusting it may be, it is necessary to negotiate with it.

And now, instead of stability and reliability, we have a permanent crisis, which has turned into a way of life for the Belarusian authorities. And they don't even believe in a bright and, most importantly, long future.

Surely you watched yesterday a video with a fisherman from Slutsk? So, it seems to me, this is just an ideal metaphor describing the current situation of the Belarusian authorities. Everything is on fire behind them, and they are fishing.